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Amenities to Look for in Self-Storage Units

Self-storage units are rented for various reasons. While homeowners find such extra space extremely helpful during relocation times and to store and stock ‘not-in-use’ items, such spaces come in handy for businesses to store excess inventory and during times of renovation of office premises. Besides these, there will be still others who hire self storage units for reasons best known to them. But whatever be the reason, a self storage unit should be fully equipped, safe and well protected. After all, you stock your prized possessions only to use them again.

Here is a list of amenities and facilities a self storage unit must possess:

  • High-End Security: Security is the paramount feature a self-storage unit should bestow. Well equipped with surveillance cameras, indoor and outdoor lighting, door alarms and progressive locking services; each unit should offer facilities for premium protection to stored belongings. Restricted entry and 24 hour on-duty security personnel further reduce the incidents of theft and robberies.
  • Common Lounge or Conference Area: This facility comes in handy for on-the-move business owners. Such common areas offer space for conducting on-site meetings, thus cutting down the hassle for carrying and moving along with samples for client approvals.
  • Climate Control Units: Many items that we store in the self-storage units are susceptible to damage when exposed to extreme hot or cold weather conditions. Renting self-storage units befitted with climate control systems provides the perfect solution to such problems. Such units help maintain moderate temperature levels with the required humidity levels, cutting down on the risk of damaging stored stuff.
  • Drive Through Approach: This aspect is extremely important for clients who intend storing heavy and bulky items in their self-storage unit. A drive through approach not only makes the loading and unloading of stuff comfortable, but also helps you save on the transportation cost.
  • Outclass Customer Support: The personnel at the self-storage unit should be courteous and polite. Furthermore, they should be available to answer your questions and help you in the hour of need. Ensure that their operations and transparent and they do not have hidden extras.

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