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Self Storage Houston: smart storage tips to organize your business inventory

Many successful business owners around the world understand the importance to stay cost-effective and accordingly they create a smart budget and stick to it. This budget factor also applies when they look for an ideal self-storage space in Houston to maximize their business’ space, either for the safe storage of their inventory or DE-cluttering their office.

Nowadays, a storage facility is not just made for storing excess office goods and furniture, in fact, some businesses also use it as an office. At ‘Heights mini Storage’ we help our business customers with tailored, flexible, and well-equipped storage units at the most reasonable price. Even if some of our customers demands traditional office space or formal meeting room, we provide them with all needful office equipment and amenities such as lighting, racking, WIFI, and trade counters as well.

Here, you can find a few smart storage tips to make the most of a moving-storage unit facility in Houston

Store Excessive Inventory
While running a retail business, you never know how much inventory comes and goes in your office and sometimes you may even go out of office space to accommodate extra goods due to bulk purchasing. You can overcome such situation to store your extra inventory in a safe and reliable off-site moving storage space offered on rent or purchase. In this way, you will not just save your extra inventory but also get an easy access for everything into the store whenever you find the need to it.

Declutter and Organize the Stock Room
In many business offices, stock rooms are found as the most unorganized and cluttered areas, usually dumped with excessive unused items, promotional materials, and new inventories. You can easily overcome such issues of cluttered and unorganized office spaces to hire a perfect storage unit at ‘Heights mini Storage’ available on rent or purchase. Our tailored storage facilities not only help you keep all your extra belongings in a safe and secure environment but also provide you pleasure to work in a clean and organized office environment.

Climate Controlled Storage
A drastic change in weather especially extreme storms and chilly winter days can be tough on your important business documents and some of your valuable furniture items. Our specialized climate-controlled self-storage unit facility help you protect your business gear throughout chilly and stormy weather.

If you are budget minded owners and running out of space to store your inventory then regardless of the type of business you’re running, you should consider the country’s best moving storage facility in Houston at Heights Mini Storage. We promise you the exclusive benefits of our tailored and flexible storage services at the best competitive rates.

Tips to prepare and pack your Items before storing in a self-storage facility

While moving your excess items into a storage facility in Houston, there are a variety of things that you need to be taken care of. If you are seriously concerned about safe, secure, and cost-effective storage of your domestic or commercial belongings in Houston, then immediately contact at ‘Heights Mini Storage’.

‘Heights Mini Storage’ is a leading self-storage services provider based at the Cordell St Houston. It is nationwide popular for offering specialized mini-storage services at highly competitive rates.

In this write-up, we are sharing with you some useful tips that will help you prepare and better organize your belongings into the storage units and also let you find any important items, quickly and easily, whenever you need them. Let’s look into each of them step by step:

Create a detailed inventory
It is important for you, create a detailed inventory of your belongings that you want to store into moving storage. This will help you better organize your belongings and find whenever you may need quickly and easily. Moreover, to have an inventory list also serve as documented proof to claim any loss or damage of your item from an insurance company during an accident at the storage facility.

Rent a clean and good self-storage facility
Do some research to find a clean and cost-efficient moving storage unit facility in Houston which also provides insurance overage to protect your belongings theft, fire, and other types of damage while they are kept in a storage room or warehouse for a desired period of time.

Arrange quality packing material
Before you pack and transport all your belongings to a suitable storage facility, It is important for you perfectly pack them using suitable packing boxes and supplies for safe transfer and storage of all your belongings. Some of the essential packing material are listed below:

  • Packing Boxes and clear bins
  • Filler material
  • Packing quilts and Newspaper
  • Marker
  • Shipping tape

You can arrange all the above packing material either from a local moving store or a professional moving company.

Prepare and Pack items for a storage facility

  • Pack same type and category of items together in clean and sturdy cardboard boxes or suitable plastic containers with the use of cushioning materials, furniture blankets, and professional wrapping etc.
  • While packing, always place and pile up lighter items on the on the top of heavy items.
  • Don’t keep the boxes half-empty to avoid them get collapsed when stacked.
  • Don’t over pack the boxes or containers to make them break due to overweight.
  • Make use of bubble wrap, foam sheets, packing peanuts, packing paper, towels, blankets or old clothing to provide sufficient cushioning between the items
  • All boxes should be properly covered to protect them from moisture, dust, and outside damage.
  • Provide added protection with proper sealing of the boxes.
  • Clearly and precisely label all the boxes to know exactly what they contain. Always label the boxes on their sides.
  • Never store valuable items, documents, jewelry, as well as hazardous substances like fuel, paint, firearms, explosives, drugs or any other perishable items in a self-storage facility.

Keeping all the above tips in mind will definitely help you keep your valuables in a self-storage facility, safely in a perfect shape, away from your home. If you want to know more or looking for an ideal mini-storage unit facility in Houston then don’t hesitate to reach us. You can also share your valuable advice in the comments section below

Things that should be avoided to store in a Self Storage Unit facility in Houston

A self-storage unit facility can be used in many ways, like it can offer you a perfect storage place to keep all clutter and freeing up extra space in your house and business place especially during relocation, temporary or permanent storage of treasures to keep them safe and secure, and you can even use it to park your vehicle when you have shortage of a parking space. Although a perfect and high-tech moving storage unit in Houston works for most things, it could be entirely inappropriate for certain items. Such things need to be avoided, otherwise, it may be risky not only for your unit but also to all other units in the mini-storage facility.

Out of many restricted things, some are illustrated below:

Perishable Food Products
Perishable food item leads the list of avoidable things as they can rot and spoil quickly and even turn your storage unit into a health concern for the entire storage facility in Houston. Therefore, all eatables and food items including canned foods and pet foods should not be kept inside a storage unit.

Temporary or Permanent Residence
As living cost in Australia is skyrocketing, so, some people may find Storage units as the far cheaper alternatives for a temporary or long-term dwelling. Such self-storage units do not provide even basic amenities for living purpose like toilets, electricity, running water, refrigerators, washing machines etc. Although there is no harm to spend a short time in your storage unit, making such mini-storage units your primary place of residence can cause a serious risk to you especially during a fire hazard.

Keeping Hazardous Items or Explosives
Keeping hazardous items including biological waste, and explosives in a storage facility are very dangerous for the whole moving storage facility and life of individuals. So, when you are not sure about or have concerns over your items, don’t hesitate to check them with the authorities of a storage facility before moving inside.

Keeping animals or your pets
You should not think about temporary, or long term dwelling of your pet animals in a storage facility even when you no longer have sufficient space in your new house or your tenancy agreement terms has changed. You should understand this fact that any pet food or animal waste kept within the storage unit may attract several pests and bacteria posing a serious risk to the belongings stored by other tenants also. Moreover, keeping an animal intentionally within a storage unit would go against the contract agreement.

Hiding Illegal or prohibited objects
Self-storage units are not made for hiding any illegal goods or prohibited items like illicit drugs, stolen goods or unregistered firearms. It will not only breach your agreement but even put you behind the bars. So, you should be careful about all the consequences of storing illegal things in a mini-storage unit.

Hope, all above information and advice are sufficient to raise your knowledge about the things to be avoided at the Storage facility. If you still want to know more then feel free to reach us or visit one of our Storage facilities in Houston today!

How can Small Businesses avail benefits of Self-Storage facilities in Houston?

With the rapid increase in industrialization and demand for commercial space, we have to contend with the shortage of commercial space on one hand and maximum accessibility to items on the other. In such a situation, we cannot deny the importance of storage facilities Houston that can give the flexibility to keep our living and work spaces tidy and neatly organized. As per their specific needs, business owners can avail temporary or permanent moving storage facilities to keep their possessions safe till they find a suitable place.

Although mini or self-storage units are available in different varieties, they are usually categorized in to; Drive up storage units, Mini or Self storage units, and Climate controlled storage units.

Here, we have compiled various important benefits that small offices can avail of self-storage facilities in Houston, as shown below:

Efficient Business Operations
Optimal planning and efficiency are the major prerequisites for the success of any business. Good and convenient mini storage units are needed for keeping important items, stationeries, files and many other important documents to carry out day to day business operations efficiently. Storage facilities are also useful for keeping additional but important business items untill they are required again thereby sparing maximum workspace in the office.

Better Accessibility to save time
As per reports, the American office employee on an average spends at least 1.5 hours a day or 6 weeks per year just for looking out important things. Many people across the world have a habit to keep their unnecessary but useful items in an unorganized way that ultimately lead to a confused and messy situation, and deeply eats into valuable time. In this case, a self-storage unit in Houston can serve as a blessing to make personal or business life more time-efficient and productive.

Secured Storage
Storage facilities provide a secured space to keep all moving items neatly and in a systematic manner. Even delicate commercial items are prevented from the risk of being damaged or causing wear and tear.

Time-bound storage
Self-storage units provide the convenient space to the students of Universities and Colleges with their time-bound commitments for keeping their belongings safe and secure till the next academic session.

In case, you find the need for an ideal self-storage facility for your business in Houston, just stop your search at ‘heights mini storage’. We provide great moving storage Solutions at reasonable prices with 24/7 access, dedicated staff, and security. So, don’t wait much! Just make a call to let us know your storage requirements to enjoy the facilities of our world-class storage units with complete peace of mind!

Organize your excess business inventory at the perfect self-storage facility in Houston

Let’s face it!

Your business is expanding quickly to bring out a cluttered and messy office, inducing troubles and frustrations to your employee’s daily work routine. This can cause a bad impact on your employees as well as business productivity. Also, it won’t be easy for you to move or expand your current business office to an extended office space, immediately, as you need to spend enough time and money to purchase or rent a new property.

In case, you are running on a tight budget, it could be a big challenge for you to keep your additional office items safe and secure for longer periods.

But you need to worry here!

At Heights Mini Storage, we can help you keep all your excessive business inventory in the perfectly secured and healthy condition at our well-equipped, safe, and affordable mini or self-storage facilities in Houston.

Here, we are highlighting various benefits that you can avail at our perfect moving storage space.

  • Additional Storage
    Growth in your business creates the need for additional things like photocopiers, cabinets, and other essential things that cut down your office space to make your employees feel overcrowded. In such a critical and sudden space issue, a mini or self-storage unit comes out as blessings to provide extra space for your additional things that aren’t required to carry out daily operations. You can store your extra valuables for an unlimited period until you find a new office with expanded space.
  • Better Security
    Various important and delicate equipment and machinery like computers, batteries, refrigerators, ACs etc. are vulnerable to heat and if you house your items inventory yourself, it can easily encounter the risk of a break-in or a fire hazard to cause a complete loss. A storage facility provides its own security through its 24/7 monitoring with CCTV cameras.
  • Cost-Efficient
    You can hire varied sorts of mini storage facilities at the cost-effective price without locking into a yearly or long-term lease. Initially, we can offer you rather simple or a month wise payment option as per your convenience.
  • Environment-friendly and Clean Space
    Our perfect self-storage facilities offer a suitable moisture-free environment to ensure better safety to your official stock getting damaged and also let you have total peace of mind to keep the majority of your inventory secure and safe.

By considering the above tips and benefits you can easily get rid of your extra office stuff for unlimited periods without putting a hole in your pocket. Moreover, your employees will get relief from a cluttered office environment to deliver their best work performance for continuous business growth.

Tips for Moving Out of Self-Storage Facilities in Houston

Today, moving storage facilities in Houston are in great demand and they have become an indispensable part of a residential or commercial move. Sometimes there are situations arise like during the construction of your new house or the inheritance of large households from your relatives, when you have to experience short of space. In such conditions, you would not like to throw out your old stuff and therefore, find a need for suitable self-storage warehouses in Houston. At Heights Mini Storage, we offer best in class warehouse storage facilities in Houston, where you can store your stuff safely. Such specialized warehouses work best especially when you relocate to a new destination or need to go out for a vacation for a short period of time.

World over, the frequency of people moving to the other city or state has been increasing day by day and further raising the demand of good storage units or other storage facilities in Houston. Nowadays, plenty of professional and reliable moving storage companies are offering a variety of safe, clean and secure storage units to accomplish temporary and long-term storage needs of people. ‘Heights mini storage’ is one of leading providers of conventional and climate-controlled warehousing or self-storage services in Houston to help customers storing their personal belongings at the most economical prices. If you also find the need for any storage facility in Houston, don’t hesitate to get in touch with them to enjoy world-class mini storage facilities.

Once your storage time is over and you need to move out of the storage facility just check out following tips that can make the process go smoothly for you:

Do Inform Us

Provide us at least a week notice before moving out to allow us to complete all paperwork and ensure everything is in perfect order and place to make the moving process quick and smooth for you. In case you want to extend your stay, just notify us about your payment to continue for the next month.

  • Remove Everything:
    While leaving your storage facility, make sure to double check your self-storage unit to remove everything from the storage space without any leftover items. Remember, you may be charged with a clean out fee based upon items left inside after you move out.
  • Make It Clean and Tidy:
    Always hand over your rented storage unit in the original or perfect neat and clean condition. To justify yourself, it is better to take some snaps of your self-storage unit Houston, when you moved in. Thoroughly sweep the floors to make it free from all dirt or debris that will surely help you in the easy settlement.
  • Remove Lock:
    Don’t forget to remove the lock from your storage unit to make it free from possessions, otherwise, your moving storage account in Houston will be charged for the one full-month of rent. You should also refer to the rental agreement.
  • Short-time storage:
    Don’t forget to remove the lock from your storage unit to make it free from possessions, otherwise, your moving storage account in Houston will be charged for the one full-month of rent. You should also refer to the rental agreement.

We hope all the above tips will help you in making your moving out of mini-storage facility smoothly for you and also get you a better deal in the future!

For more information or any query, just reach out to contact us!

Hire the best moving storage company in Houston.

Today, moving storage facilities in Houston are in great demand and they have become an indispensable part of a residential or commercial move. Sometimes there are situations arise like during the construction of your new house or the inheritance of large households from your relatives, when you have to experience short of space. In such conditions, you would not like to throw out your old stuff and therefore, find a need for suitable self-storage warehouses in Houston. At Heights Mini Storage, we offer best in class warehouse storage facilities in Houston, where you can store your stuff safely. Such specialized warehouses work best especially when you relocate to a new destination or need to go out for a vacation for a short period of time.

Nowadays, people are actively buying a number of need-based products and appliances that ultimately has resulted in an upsurge in demand for reliable self-storage facilities, like commercial storage units and storerooms. Such storage facilities are readily available for rent to safeguard virtually, anything over a short-term or a long-term of use. Most of the individuals, as well as businesses use such storage facilities to accommodate a vast variety of household items and business stock, heavy furniture item, as well as seasonal items, cars, and boats, etc.

Types of Storage Units

As per your need, you can choose from the various available warehouse or mini-storage units in Houston:

  • Outdoor Mini- storage unit: Such storage facility provides space of a small garage to accommodate cars and private vehicles or yachts.
  • Indoor Self- storage space: This small storage space is just similar to the bank locker, usually offers size of about 5 x 5 feet. As per your storage need, you can rent one or more of such storage spaces to keep your valuables.
  • Long-time moving storage: A long-time moving storage facility can be taken on rent as per the type and size of your belongings that you need to store. Some of them may also need a climate control facility.
  • Short-time storage: A short-term storage unit does not offer any climate control facility and particularly beneficial for people who are moving out for a short vacation.

Environment-Controlled Self-Storage: Many items such as paper documents, furniture, and photo frames require specific storage conditions to keep them in original shape and form. A climate-controlled facility is although a little expensive to hire but can be an ideal option to keep the items safe for longer periods.

At ‘Heights Mini Storage’, we have years of expertise in offering all size, small or big, safe, secured, and environment-friendly warehouse and storage facilities in Houston. We also provide hassle-free and easy payment options. So, contact us to avail a suitable self-storage unit space to keep your households safe and secure until your desired time-period. We ensure all of our customers to remain free from any worries regarding the storage and safety of their valuables.

For more information or any query, contact us today!

Key Checklists and Tips for Secured and Stress-free Self-Storage Units Facilities in Houston

It could be a nerve-wracking experience for you to pack and move your valuables into moving storage facilities in Houston by yourself. In such a challenging situation, a strategically created storage checklist and tips can do wonders for you to make your packing and storage process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

At Heights mini-storage, we have past many years of experience in delivering best in class self-storage solutions and many other storage facilities to our customers in Houston. With this write-up, our leading storage experts are sharing key checklists and tips for letting you secured and stress-free storage units.

Create Inventory

This step is crucial to find out how much you need to store to rent the perfect moving storage solution. Create a checklist of all those items that need to be stored as well as the items that can be tossed away. Once you have created the checklist of things, start searching out a reliable and trusted storage company, offering the perfect storage facilities. Here, are some useful tips that you should keep in mind to find an ideal self-storage provider:

  • Make sure if they are offering the required storage space to store all your belongings.
  • Whether they offer 24×7 access at their storage facility or not?
  • Make sure that they are offering 24×7 security surveillance.
Check Security

Look out if they have needful fencing to secure the entire storage unit along with a controlled access. An ideal storage building should be equipped with needful security features such as 24×7 CCTV surveillance, fire or emergency alarm, and coded security entry etc.

Weather or climate control

A right storage environment is crucial for the safety of appliances and furniture items. A very high or very low storage temperature, dampness or rising groundwater, snow or rain can cause serious damage to your valuables. So, make sure your moving storage unit has a climate control feature.

Ask for a storage insurance

Ask your moving storage company in Houston if they are providing storage insurance to compensate the damages to your property during any unfortunate fire or theft on their storage units. So, go for considering one of the self-storage companies that offer you an extra security of storage insurance.

Clean and maintained Storage Space

You should never compromise with the cleanliness and well-organized of your rented storage unit just to save few bucks. A dirty and cheap self-storage facility can also invite infestations of bugs and rodents which may cause serious damage or loss of your valuables. In such case, you have to bear more loss of finances than saving money with a cheaper and dirty storage space. So, it is essential to verify you’re your provider service company about a reliable and permanent pest extermination contract in place for your rented storage unit, before placing your valuables in one of the rented storage facilities in Houston.

Mini self-storage facility to relieve the moving stress in Houston

Moving your stuff from one place to another is never so easy as it may disrupt your routine life to organize, pack, and keep track of your belongings and adjust in the new place. If you don’t have planned your move before then it could be a big challenge for you to fit your all stuff in the new house. Sometimes, you may not in a position to fit all your households immediately in your new house due to repair work or lack of living space. In such case, self-storage Houston and various other reliable storage facility Houston take away some of your stress by storing your packed-up possessions as per your desired time-frame. Here, we have illustrated various useful tips to relieve your moving stress by utilizing the best warehouse and storage facility Houston.

Temporary or long-term storage

It could be the most challenging aspect for you decide where to adjust your belongings ito your new home. Here, some reliable storage facilities Houston can offer a temporary or long-term relief to store your excessive belongings for unlimited period. Moreover, such storage unit Houston also helps in downsizing to create extra storage to store items such as clothing, furniture, and toys etc. that will be conveniently stored and used again.

Offer suitable environment

Many delicate household items like Furniture, Rugs, Electronics, Photos, and Artworks require a suitable storage temperature or environment for long-lasting protection. Therefore, you need to take extra measure to store and protect such items in moving storage units Houston.

Added Advantage

To provide an enhanced storage experience to the customers, some professional mini storage companies offer various added amenities and convenient features such as 24×7 security features of DVR surveillance, sophisticated locks, ample lighting, alarm systems, and biometric entry gates. 

Different types of Self-Storage Facilities

Derive best storage needs from different types of Self-Storage Facilities

Since primitive times, methods of storage have grown more innovative and sophisticated. Most of the times the basic aim of storage remains the same, to protect your valuables or store your excessive households in a safe environment for later use.

Over the years, due to continuous increase in buying habits of people the lack of space in home has now become more of a problem, and therefore, a dramatical boost in the need of self-storage facilities is also keep on growing day by day.

The self-storage Houston is one of the most sought storage businesses that comes a long way ever since past many years. In its initial days, such facilities of storage units Houston usually consisted of garage like establishments with leaky roofs that were only fit for storing old belongings of least or no value.

Thankfully, today’s storage facilities Houston consist of well-constructed and well-maintained buildings. These facilities of moving storage Houston provide secure and clean storing environment for all sorts of storing needs.
In this write-up we are talking about different sorts of storage facilities available over the years which are just made to fulfill the specific storage need of people.

Boat storage facility Houston has spread up all across the nation due to the need for storage facilities Houston arise for such vehicles. Now you can easily rent indoor or outdoor units of mini-storage Houston for a boat. For a better protection, you can also choose a climate-controlled storage unit Houston instead of regular storing unit.
Car self-storage Houston facility is in great demand today. Now many people love to own more than one vehicle, but some of them don’t have enough space in their garage or driveway to park all the vehicles. Especially the people who own precious vintage cars or vehicle with deep emotional values need proper self-storage space. Such vehicle/car storage facility Houston protects the vehicle from bad effects of weather and also provide a safe and secured environment for all types of vehicles.

Moving Storing Units

Moving storage Houston is a specialized Self Storage facility Houston that has come up in recent years. It provides facilities of movable storage containers that are delivered to the driveway of the client. As per the need, a customer can fill up such storage container and this moving storage unit is then moved to one storage building. All such moving storage facilities Houston provide temporary storage to the customers to store their valuables which can be later moved to the new house when they request it to be done. These moving facilities have taken moving and storage to a whole new level.

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