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Why Do I Need A Storage Space?

It’s human to own things. Whether we are home owner, a business enterprise, a student or an avid traveler, we tend to accumulate more things than what we actually require. Home needs, seasonal changes, likings and hobbies …everything pushes us to buy and buy more.

Self storage units, thus, provide us the extra space to store our belongings. But in addition to the advantage of providing extra space, here a few more reasons why you can consider renting a self storage:

  • Security of Belongings – Self storage units are fully equipped with the latest security gadgets and techniques and ensure utmost safety and protection to goods. So, if you are away from your home most part of the day and are worried about the safety of belongings back home, consider renting a self storage unit to store your valuables.
  • Live your Passion – If you are in a habit of collecting antiques and mementos, but are seriously feeling a dearth of space, consider renting a self storage unit. No need to hold back your passion and craze anymore!
  • Planning a Renovation – Upcoming construction work? Do not damage and spoil your favorite paintings and furniture in the dust and dirt. Self storage units provide convenient spaces to store belongings. The neat, clean and well organized ambiance helps you store your belongings without risk of damage.
  • Explore and Expand – Being a business entrepreneur you need sufficient space to store your product catalogue and documents. Go ahead! Try different products and expand your horizons without worrying about the space.
  • All Set For The Mega Event – Daughter’s wedding, child’s birth or some other mega event at your home. With loads of guests expected, you’ll certainly need more space on hand. Consider renting a self storage unit to store your belongings until you need them again.

Whatever be your reason, Heights Mini Storage, has the best storage facilities to cater to distinct needs and demands. Well-equipped and adequately upgraded, we help you keep your belongings safe. Convenient location and appropriately priced, we are the most trusted operators in Houston. Call us at 832-582-6454 to find out more about unmatched services and facilities.

Packing and Organization Ideas for Self-Storage Units

One of the most important aspects of self-storage units is apt packing and organization ideas. Belongings that are deftly packed and meticulously stacked require much lesser space than those scattered and spread, cutting down costs drastically.

Here are a few tips and tricks for packing goods for self-storage units:

  • Plan ahead and collect plenty of strong and sturdy cartons, packing paper, plastic and bubble wraps, sealing tape and marker pens.
  • Use plastic boxes if you intend to stock your belongings for prolonged periods.
  • Cover furniture with suitable covers before wrapping them in protective bubble wrap. Pack cushions and pillows separately and seal them properly.
  • Label each box clearly. Mark the correct-side-up and ideally label on all sides for easy identification.
  • Use spaces inside dresser drawers and large appliances for storing small and fragile items. Fill empty spaces using towels and packing paper.
  • Use same size boxes to store stuff. This will make stacking of cartons one-top-of -another easier and less risky.
  • Do not over-pack or under-pack. While over-packing may lead to tearing of the cartons, under-packing will not confer maximum protection during jerks and jolts of transit.
  • Keep the box weight in manageable limits. Do not over stack.
  • Clean and dry appliances before storing.
  • While packing fragile items, wrap each dish and glass separately. Also, cushion the box with crumpled paper to avoid any kind of movement.
  • Pack shovels, hoes and rakes in trash cans.

Well-equipped and adequately upgraded, self-storage unit helps keep your belongings safe. Conveniently located and providing the best facilities like lighting, fencing and 24/7 on-site security; Heights Mini Storage is the most trusted self-storage unit provider in the region. Located aside Cordell and Louise in Houston, we enjoy the most strategic location. Call us at 832-582-6454 to find out more about unmatched services and facilities.

Self-Storage Units – Guide To Choose the Ideal Size

When it comes to choosing a self-storage unit there’s no ‘one-size-fit-all’ policy. Right from a 7X6 wardrobe cabin to huge spaces of 10X30X10; there’s a lot on offer. The technique is to assess and know your requirements and pick the space that best fits your need.

Here’s a comprehensive list to help you choose the best space:

  • Small Sized Units – Ranging between a size of 7X6 and 10X10X10, these units offer perfect storage space for storing small sized items like tables, chairs, seasonal garden equipment, seasonal clothing, small kitchen appliances and office supplies like paper work, files and folders, etc. Sufficient space at affordable rates, these are ideal for students and vacation goers who can store their belongings over vacation and families who want to increase their living space without moving to bigger apartments.
  • Medium Sized Units – Slightly bigger than the small sized units, these units offer 6X15X10 to 10X15X10 square feet of storage space. These units offer ideal space area to clients who want additional space over and above the small sized units. In addition to list of items that can be stored in small units, a medium sized unit is feasible for stocking household furniture like beds, bed mattresses, couches, kitchen tables, dressers, large garden mowing equipment and electronic appliances like refrigerator, dryer, washing machines, etc.
  • Large Sized Units – Valuable assets for home and business owners alike, a large sized self-storage unit may measure about 10X20X10 and 10X30X10 square feet. Ideal for holding household utilities and bulky furniture, they provide adequate space for storing belongings of a two-three bedroom apartment. The large sized units also prove beneficial for owners of seasonal businesses to store and stock items until their demand soars again. Large sized storage units can also accommodate vehicles like small cars and bikes.

If you too are looking for perfect sized units to meet your storage needs, get in touch with us at 832-582-6454. Conveniently located aside Cordell and Louise in Houston, at Heights Mini Storage, we offer the finest storage facilities at the most competitive rates. Our trained professionals can also assist you in determining the right sized unit for your needs.

Tips to Store Necessary Items in a Self-Storage Unit

Well equipped and properly planned self storage units provide convenient space to store belongings. Whether you need space to store belongings that you do not require currently, or need to stack them while you are out; self-storage units prove handy in every situation.

But before you head out storing and stacking your belongings at the self-storage unit here are a few tips which will make you reap the maximum benefits:

  • Strike a deal with the most reliable and well equipped self-storage unit.
  • Depending upon the time frame for which you need to avail the services, negotiate the costs carefully.
  • Use quality boxes that do not collapse when stacked together and atop each other.
  • Number and label the boxes for easy identification.
  • Use pallets or other wooden platforms to raise the stacked belongings from the concrete floor.
  • Leave sufficient spaces between the boxes and wall to ensure proper air flow and ventilation.
  • Place heavy and bigger boxes at the bottom, topping them with lighter and smaller boxes.
  • Place expensive and fragile items away from easy reach.
  • Leave adequate aisle for easy access of items.
  • Thoroughly clean kitchen ware and electronics before storing. Ensure that stored items are completely dry.
  • Do not store perishables, liquids, explosives and flammable fuels in self-storage units. In case you urgently want to store them, inform the services providers about the materials stored.
  • Lubricate metal and machinery parts to cut rust attack during storage.

Secure and well equipped self-storage units go a long way in helping you keep your belongings safe. We, at Heights Mini Storage, are conveniently located aside Cordell and Louise in Houston. Our facilities are outfitted with the best facilities like lighting, fencing and 24/7 on-site security provisions. Call us today at 832-582-6454 to find out more about our distinguished services.

Amenities to Look for in Self-Storage Units

Self-storage units are rented for various reasons. While homeowners find such extra space extremely helpful during relocation times and to store and stock ‘not-in-use’ items, such spaces come in handy for businesses to store excess inventory and during times of renovation of office premises. Besides these, there will be still others who hire self storage units for reasons best known to them. But whatever be the reason, a self storage unit should be fully equipped, safe and well protected. After all, you stock your prized possessions only to use them again.

Here is a list of amenities and facilities a self storage unit must possess:

  • High-End Security: Security is the paramount feature a self-storage unit should bestow. Well equipped with surveillance cameras, indoor and outdoor lighting, door alarms and progressive locking services; each unit should offer facilities for premium protection to stored belongings. Restricted entry and 24 hour on-duty security personnel further reduce the incidents of theft and robberies.
  • Common Lounge or Conference Area: This facility comes in handy for on-the-move business owners. Such common areas offer space for conducting on-site meetings, thus cutting down the hassle for carrying and moving along with samples for client approvals.
  • Climate Control Units: Many items that we store in the self-storage units are susceptible to damage when exposed to extreme hot or cold weather conditions. Renting self-storage units befitted with climate control systems provides the perfect solution to such problems. Such units help maintain moderate temperature levels with the required humidity levels, cutting down on the risk of damaging stored stuff.
  • Drive Through Approach: This aspect is extremely important for clients who intend storing heavy and bulky items in their self-storage unit. A drive through approach not only makes the loading and unloading of stuff comfortable, but also helps you save on the transportation cost.
  • Outclass Customer Support: The personnel at the self-storage unit should be courteous and polite. Furthermore, they should be available to answer your questions and help you in the hour of need. Ensure that their operations and transparent and they do not have hidden extras.

We, at Heights Mini Storage, are well equipped and provide the best storage solutions in Houston. Strategically located aside Cordell and Louise, we provide the added advantage of convenience and easy approach. Get in touch with us at 832-582-6454 to learn more about our self-storage units and unparalleled services.

Effective Tips for Storing Furniture in Self-Storage Units

Storing furniture in self-storage units? There may be quite a few reasons for you opting for this shift. Redundant pieces, scarcity of space or simply putting them aside while you get your interiors renovated and re-done. Whatever be the reason, it is prudent to store your possessions with care and caution.

Dumping furniture, without taking adequate safety measures will result in breakage, discoloration and wearing out of upholstery. And undoubtedly, it takes a fortune to get them back in shape.

But don’t worry! By taking simple and easy measures, you can safeguard your furniture items for times to come: A few tried and time tested tips are:

  • Consider different parts separately – A furniture piece can be a comprehensive assortment of different parts. While some will be unbreakable and hard, others may be fragile and breakable. The best way forward is to handle different parts separately. Fixing bubble wrap around the fragile items is the best way to safeguard them. Ensure that you provide a sturdy wrap for maximum protection.

  • Avoid Plastic Covers – Given its ability to repel liquid, seal out dirt and dust, plastic covers are generally the obvious choice for wrapping materials. But this may not be the case for wooden furniture. Plastic materials do not allow air to penetrate, leaving the wooden furniture pieces suffocated. Lack of air leads to condensation and causes damage to wood. Cotton covers are thus the best option for covering wooden furniture pieces.
  • Pick the Ideal Fit –Picking up covers that are too tight hinders the exchange of air. On the other hand, covers that are too loose give room for dust and dirt to penetrate. The furniture pieces should thus be covered with covers that are customized to fit them perfectly.
  • Move them cautiously – The most important tip however remains to move the furniture pieces with utmost caution. Taking the required care while loading and unloading will help avoid unwanted nicks, chips and scratches that can damage furniture permanently.

Self-storage units provide the much needed space to store your priced furniture pieces. We, at Heights Mini Storage, provide the best storage solutions. Strategically located aside Cordell and Louise, our facilities are the finest in Houston. Call us at 832-582-6454 to learn more about our self-storage units and unmatched services.

Tips to Organize Business Inventory in Storage Units

Organizing office inventory is an uphill task. Not only should it be up to the mark in every respect, it should also be well organized to find the required thing at the required hour. But having said this, a well-organized inventory is possible only when you have sufficient storing space on hand. Paucity of space invariably makes us dump things, resulting in inefficient and messy offices. But going in for huge office spaces attracts higher rents and associated costs. So, what’s the way out?

With changing trends, more and more business owners are now relying on self storage facilities. Self storage units not just provide sufficient spaces to store inventory and business supplies, but also help cut down costs drastically.

Renting self storage facilities help you streamline your business and available space. But before you go in for renting a storing unit to stock your inventory and supplies, it’s important to follow some important tips listed below so that you don’t face any problems later.

Prepare a List

We store things only to retrieve them later. In case we fail to find the things at the desired hour, the purpose of storage is defeated. So the first step towards storing is creating a list of what you want to stock. Move around your office and pen down the list of things that can be stored safely.

Once you have the list ready, categorize things. Figure out the space required. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose the right size storage unit.

Stock Your Stuff Properly

Do not rush through your packing. Pack and stock stuff efficiently to avoid damage later. Put the things of regular use in front and stock the ‘not-so-important’ items in the back. Improvise the storage unit with cupboards, shelves or boxes, as per need.

Paste a list

Paste the list of stocked items at the entry point. This will help you locate the items easily, every time. Make sure you record every addition and deletion of inventory in the list. Regular update of the master inventory list makes it easier to retrieve items and also helps you keep an eye on your inventory and supplies.

The reasons to rent a storage space may vary. But it’s important to make the best use of the rented space. We, at Heights Mini Storage, provide the most favorable solutions for all your storing and stacking needs. Located aside Cordell and Louise, we provide the finest storing facilities in Houston. Call us at 832-582-6454 to find out more about our self-storage units and unmatched services.

How Small Self-Storage Units Prove Beneficial

Self-storage units provide the much needed space to stock ‘not-in-use’ and seasonal items. Home owners, business enterprises, college students and more rent out storage spaces for reasons best known to them.

Self storage units come in a variety of sizes and offer numerous additional facilities to accommodate diverse personal and business requirements.

Here are few reasons for renting out self-storage units:

  • Benefits for Home-Owners – Small items usually cause all the clutter in houses. Holiday decoration, seasonal clothing, not-in-use kitchen appliances, lawnmowers, snow blowers, the list is endless. While home owners often store these things in garage, attic and basement, these areas are prone to temperature variations, humidity and pest attack. Thus, renting out a small self-storage unit helps you stock the household items and seasonal knickknacks without the risk of damage and loss.
  • Benefits to Students – With the end of each session, college and hostel students visit their home for a break only to return at the start on the new session. Transporting the stuff to and fro every time can be quite a hassle. Renting out a small storage unit to stock books, clothing, mattress and bedding, etc. not only saves you from the hassle of transporting but also reduces the risk of damage and loss.
  • Benefits for Apartment Renters – For people who keep shifting from one apartment to another at the end of lease, finding the best bet in terms of space and costs can be quite a challenge. With rising costs, the rental costs rise too. And bigger accommodations come at an increased price. Opting for small storage units thus makes a lot of sense. Moving-in in a smaller accommodation and renting small self-storage units to store knickknacks helps you cut costs drastically.
  • Benefits for Business Owners – Stocking the ‘in-demand’ products is the need of the hour. With the change in season, style and fashion, business owners may be left with products that may occupy huge storage space. Shifting these items to small self-storage units until the demand soars again is obviously wise.
  • Benefits for Travelers – Travelers often rely on self-storage spaces to stock their utilities till the time they are away.

At Heights Mini Storage, we are Houston’s most trusted providers for self-storage units. We offer safe and convenient spaces for both small and big ticket items. Call us at 832-582-6454 to know more about our storage facilities and services.

Know What to Stock and Where to Stock

Who doesn’t want protection for one’s prized possessions? Over the years, all of us, by sheer dent of our hard work, accumulate so much stuff. For many the amount of goods so accumulated exceeds the storage space at home. The average U.S. home is just not spacious enough to stock the favorite books, off-season clothing, kitchen appliances, toys, extra beddings, furniture et al.

Thankfully, extra storage space is a viable option. While in some cases, it is mere attachment to the stuff and therefore it is difficult to dispose off. The individual just does not want to throw a yard sale; hence extra storage space is required. In majority of the cases though, the need for extra storage space is genuine. The material to be stocked is likely to be required at some point of time in the future. At the end of the day, whether to stock old Halloween costumes or dispose of the bag of toys that the kid used a decade back is purely a personal choice.

All said, it is advisable to be prudent and use due diligence before deciding what to stock and what to dispose off. After all, there is no free lunch. The extra storage too comes at a price. Ballpark estimates reveal that one has to shell out anywhere between $40 and $50 per month for a 5-by-5-foot unit. Needless to say, the cost escalates as the size of the storage unit increases. For a 20-by-20-foot unit, the average rental is $225. The penchant for hoarding therefore must be assigned a reasonable logic.

Once one has separated the chaff from the wheat, it’s time to hunt for the ideal storage space. First things first, look for a storage space that offers a monthly rental. In Long term commitments, one may end up paying considerable more rent than warranted. With a monthly contract, one has the discretion to revisit the items stored and maybe move to another facility for reasons of lesser space required. Likewise, one may simply come across a facility that is more accessible and costs less. It is important to remember that storage rates fluctuate. The variation in prices occurs as occupancy rates ebb and flow.

To cut the long story short, simply deciding what to stock and where to stock can have a significant bearing on the cost associated with storage space.

At Heights Mini Storage, we are Houston’s most viable providers for self-storage units. Our safe and convenient spaces over optimum storage space for small and big ticket items. For any assistance regarding storage, please feel free to call Heights Mini Storage at 832-582-6454. We promise to provide you all the requisite information for you to take informed decisions.

Advice for Using Self Storage for a Long-Term Trip

With long term travel on cards, worrying about your stuff and belongings is the last thing you want to do. But you’ll obviously not want to dump your belongings and valuables behind only to be stolen while you travel. Also, carrying them along can be quite a headache. And exposing them to temperature extremes may ruin them anyway.

Availing facilities of a self storage unit can be an easy and affordable way to safeguard your belongings while you’re gone. Here are some important tips to consider while you are renting storage space for long-term travel.

  • Focus On Essentials – It’s important to protect all your belongings, but focusing on essentials and valuables is crucial. While going through the packing process keep aside items that don’t really top the priority list. This will not only help you save time, but save big bucks simply by renting smaller storage space.
  • Pick the Right Storage Facility – Once you know what has to be stored, pick a storage unit that offers the right facilities to stock the stuff. Drive-into spaces, climate control units and the right size; choose the ideal one.
  • Organize and Lay Out well – Once you get down to putting your stuff in the storage unit, be organized and structured. Keep heavier boxes at the base topped by lighter boxes and stuff. Fragile items should be stored separately and leave an aisle for walking. Label each box properly so that you don’t mess up everything when you actually need them.
  • Negotiate and Prepay in Advance – Sort it out with the service providers for the rent and payables for the unit in advance. Negotiate for the best rates. If you’re going for months at length, pay the rentals in advance so that you don’t worry about payments when you’re not around. This will also save you from unnecessary hassles and penalties when you are back.
  • Use additional locks for added security – Although the storage units will be adequately secure and well protected, it pays to be careful and cautious. Using additional locks and security system will upgrade safety levels and ensure added security.

At Heights Mini Storage, we are Houston’s safest, reliable and most affordable providers for self-storage units. Our convenient spaces for storage of small and big ticket items and customized packages for long term use offer added advantages. To find out more about our self-storage units and unmatched services, call us at 832-582-6454.

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