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Useful tips to help you meet all your self-storage needs in Houston!

In Houston, you may find many companies who are offering their best storage facilities Houston to make your experience for self-storage Houston as pleasant as possible. Out of them only a few companies will actually able to meet all your desired moving and self-storage Houston needs within your designated budget. Heights Mini-storage is the one among those leading companies that offer top-notch facilities of moving storage Houston at the affordable rates.

Heights Mini-storage has many years of experience in offering all kinds of storage units Houston for its domestic and business clients. They offer the most comprehensive array of well-equipped storage services at the most affordable rates.

Here, we are sharing some useful tips that help you meet all your storage needs:

Create A Basic Plan

Create a basic plan to avoid treasure hunts. First, draw and glue the plan to the wall to locate the objects easily and quickly, then move on to do some other important thing.

Create a proper passage

Try to place all your boxes and other stuff along the walls to create a proper passage area in your storage unit.

Store Objects Vertically

Always arrange your objects by stacking vertically in height to upgrade your storage units Houston. To ensure maximum safety, always place the heaviest cartons in the bottom of the stack.

Place Safely on the Height

Always be careful while placing or reaching the objects on height. You can use a simple stepladder to reach the objects in height, safely to avoid any unfortunate risk.

Keep Toolbox Handy

Try to keep your toolbox handy while moving that should contain all basic tools such as screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, and cutter, etc. You may need to add or remove large table legs to reduce them simply by half.

Utilize hidden storage space

Find out all those storage space in your fridge or cupboards and use the space to store books and CDs. Don’t forget to leave the door slightly open for air circulation.

If you also store some empty bins then you can keep your shovels, garden hose, and other garden equipment in these garbage cans. Also, keep all your mattresses and furniture within specially designed protective covers.

Remove the bad odor

Check your chainsaw, lawnmower, and other appliances before storing and empty their fuel tanks. This will help to remove unpleasant fumes or the bad odors that could even put on your furniture.

By sticking to all above useful tips you can definitely store your valuable objects safely in their actual condition within the rented storage facilities Houston, for longer times.

If you are also looking for an ideal storage units Houston then call us to talk with our experts who will thoroughly understand your storage need and suggest you a suitable self-storage Houston at an economical price.

How can a professional moving storage service help you in safe moving?

In such a complicated situation, it would be better for you to hire services of a professional and trusted providers of moving storage in Houston who will not only help you in safe-shifting of your household items but also provide various storage facility in Houston to store and safeguard your large belongings so that you can move in the new home free from all worries.

If you want to move your house or simply need a mini storage in Houston to safeguard your belongings, then look no further and go for one stop solution at Heights mini storage. Besides helping you in moving and packaging, Heights mini storage also offers extensive storage facilities at their extensive network of storage units in Houston to keep your household stuff safe and secure at an affordable cost.

As per the growing needs of our customers, we offer following storage facilities with unique benefits:


Facility of self-storage in Houston is a good option if you are moving close distance within a city and don’t want to clutter your apartment with all household items, including furniture. In case you are moving to a new state or a long distance away then each of our self-storage facility at Heights mini storage also supported by our professional staff to help you load and unload your belongings.

Mini Storage

As per the residential and commercial customers’ needs such as storage of household goods, a boat or a valued art collection, we offer comparatively small, clean and secure mini storage in Houston that offers facilities of temperature control, unrivaled security, and easy client access for a complete peace of mind.

With all above facilities and services of Moving storage in Houston, we like to ensure our clients that you can leave all the worries of storage and transportation of your belongings to our experts. They will help you protect your valuable stuff from any damage due to bad roads or weather conditions.

Get Hassle-free moving and self-storage services in Houston

Moving your home or office stuff from one place to another in an entirely new region or state can become a real nightmare for you, especially when you are thinking to do all major jobs of moving and mini-storage in Houston by yourself without any effective planning and professional help. If you are thinking that such moving and self-storage in Houston can help you save a significant sum of money then you are absolutely wrong in your perceptions. There are possibilities when you may accidentally leave some important things behind in the old place and could not discover it until it is too late to do anything. Also, during the transit stage, your possessions are very likely to face the risk of breaking or getting damaged. Another major cause for concern may arise when some of your belongings or furniture items do not fit in your new home and you may need some storage place/warehouse to store such extra stuff.

In such distressing situations, hiring professional and reliable services of moving and storage in Houston can make sense that cangreatly benefit to anyone who needs to move across a long distance to another state.

Our experienced moving experts at ‘heightsministorage’ are always ready to help you bring a great peace of mind to tackle your entire moving and storage needs in a lot easier, quicker,and safer way.They better know how to prepare themselves for moving a lot of stuff, safely and successfully without any sort of damage. We also provide our customers specially designed cardboard boxes to carry most of their small size possessions such as delicate chinaware,books, clothes, and so forth.

Most of our warehouses and storage units in Houston comes in handy that allow customers to wait before transferring the most of their large stuff. We also provide our customers facility ofa stable environment at ourclimate controlled self-storage in Houston that helps to keep their expensive items, such as sofa or delicate art collection, safe and damage-free.

Throughout our moving and storage facilities in Houston, we will never let you feel that moving to a new home is so cumbersome.

We also offer our precious customers facilities of our licensed mini-storage buildings as well as storage facilities in Houston at a discounted price to keep their expensive property secure and safe in their absence. Our extensive moving storage in Houston help in the peaceful and perfect settlement of our customers in their new home. Later on, as per our customers’ needs,we can easily move their belongings from our storage units in Houston to their new house.

If you are also looking for hiring a trusted and affordable moving and storage services in Houston then never think twice and go for one stop solution of all your moving and storage needs with secure, safe, and 24-hour surveillance at

How to Time Manage Your Move for Convenient Storage Facilities Houston

Time is something we always feel a dearth of. Managing it effectively is important to enjoy the different pursuits of life. While it’s advisable to squeeze a little time from every activity you get involved in, it’s easier said than done. But managing time is quite possible and rather easy when it comes to managing and organizing your trip to a storage facility Houston. Here are best strategies to manage your time while availing services of a storage facility Houston.

  • Pick the Nearest Facility: The ideal storage unit Houston is the one that is really near to your place. By choosing storage unit Houston within easy driving distance reduces time on commuting and travel and helps you access your facility in the least possible time.
  • Round the Clock Access: A self storage facility that offers round-the-clock-access allows you to manage your trip to the unit as per your convenience. Thus, you no longer have to disturb your plan to gain entry into the unit within the stipulated hours.
  • Know What You Store: Though a self storage unit is for storing just about anything, one need to know what is being stored. Don’t just dump the things there! Ideally one should store valuables and prized possessions at a storage unit. This will save time on packing and placing items that are monetarily insignificant.
  • Organize Them Well: Belongings that are stored in the self storage facility should be placed right and organized well. This will allow easy retrieval of items and saves you from all the hassles and time constraints of searching the required item at the time of need. Coding and labeling thus play a crucial part when it comes to managing your time effectively.
  • Plan Ahead: When out, pick and collect the packing supplies, boxes, talk to the removal truck etc. Planning ahead ensures that you don’t have to take up similar tasks repetitively, thus saving lots of time to pursue other priorities.

Opting for the best facility in the area is thus a conscious call. At Heights Mini Storage, we are conveniently located and offer the best-in-class facility that help make storage of belongings easy and hassle free. Get in touch with us for customized deals at affordable rates.

Spring Cleaning Made Easy With Self Storage Houston

Spring is finally here! And believe me; we’ve had enough of the winter season. The gloomy weather, oversized overcoats and the dreary routine of remaining indoors; the winter season just doesn’t excite me. With the skies turning blue and sun finally making a striking appearance, it’s time to move out and ahead.

But before you actually get out enjoying the blissful weather, it’s time for spring cleaning. Keep aside your winter stuff and get summer-ready and there’s nothing better than turning to self storage Houston to store your extra belongings.

Here are ways in which storage unit Houston can make your spring cleaning easy and effective:

  • Winter Clothing: You’ll not need your winter stuff for good 8 months now. Planning to stack them in your wardrobe may not be a good idea. This will not only make you feel cramped for space but also damage and ruin your valuables. Thus, properly packing winter stuff and storing them deftly in a storage unit Houston is certainly a prudent call.
  • De-Clutter: Besides the winter clothing, there are numerous accessories and belongings that we’ve amassed over the winters. From curtains, rugs, dehumidifiers and more. Rather than cluttering your living space it’s better to keep them safely aside till the time they are required again.
  • Be Organized: Once your extra belongings are stored away safely at a storage unit, your home and office space will be more organized. This not only looks visually appealing but boosts positivity too.
  • Get Summer Ready: It’s been time since you indulged in your favorite hobby. So, buy new belongings without worrying about the space. Your favorite sports gear, a cycle, lawn mowers or hobby knick-knacks; simply indulge! An affordable storage unit Houston will confer the necessary space to stack all your winter as well as summer stuff.

Self storage units come in handy when you’re feeling serious space constraints. At Heights Mini Storage we offer units that are perfectly sized and located to meet your diverse and distinct needs. Get in touch for customized and affordable plans.

Pros and Cons of Storage Units Houston

Self storage units are fast gaining attention and scores of operators are opting to take up the task as a career option. While the reputed and the established ones pay close attention to details and provide the services that are customized to their best, there are others that simply operate to earn profits. They compromise on services and facilities and make false promises to convince clients.

Closely assessed and evaluated facilities will definitely have its advantages and missing out on the required facilities can have its own demerits. Here are the pros and cons of renting storage units Houston:

Advantages of Self Storage Houston

  • Security: Storage units take utmost care to provide foolproof security to the units. Security gadgets and 24/7 surveillance systems ensure round the clock safety to belongings.
  • Extra space: By storing the belongings safely in the storage unit you can create extra space in your living room and offices.
  • Flexibility: The facilities offered by the self storage unit are extremely flexible and can be customized as per client needs.
  • Convenience: The convenience of loading and unloading belongings is of paramount importance. Also, the location of the unit plays a crucial role in adding to its convenience and comfort quotient.
  • De-clutter and organize spaces: Renting a storage unit not just allows you to create extra space but also helps you de-clutter and organize your spaces. Organized spaces add to well being and positivity among the dwellers.

Disadvantages of Self-Storage Houston

  • Additional cost: Although affordable, but there is an additional cost involved in hiring a self storage facility. So, it is prudent to conduct a cost-benefit analysis of the goods you want to store and rent a facility only if it is worth it.
  • Time and effort involved: Depending upon how close is the facility; there is time and effort involved in operating and handling the belongings. So, ideally opt of the facility that is conveniently located and allows 24/7 access.
  • Contract and legal hassles: While renting a self storage facility one needs to enter into a contract with the service provider. So, there might be contract and legal hassles involved. Opt for a service provider that is fully transparent in its operations and dealings and provides the most trusted services.

We are a trusted player in the industry and take every possible step to help provide comfortable and trustworthy services. Our fully equipped and well maintained facilities ensure the safest storage. Get in touch for customized services at affordable rates.

Effective Spring Cleaning With Storage Units Houston

Spring is almost here and after a long, dull and dreary winter, it’s time to revamp and re-do your home. But spring cleaning can be actually tough. And the shortage of space makes the cleaning even more debilitating and disturbing. Interestingly, a little more space to organize and conduct your home will make the cleaning job easier and welcoming. Renting a storage unit Houston can offer serious help:

  • Snow Removing Tools and Machines: While such equipment proves extremely helpful during the winter months, but they are an eye sore in spring and summers. They occupy huge space and are vulnerable to damage if exposed to extreme temperature variations. Renting a storage unit Houston will not only vacate spaces until they are required again but also remain safe until their need emerges again, next season.
  • Christmas Supplies: Christmas supplies, decorations and gifts; you collected too many over Christmas and understandably you’ll not want to discard them. A storage facility Houston offers perfect space to keep such items safe and intact till the time they are required again.
  • Off-Season Clothes: Winter gumboots, leather jackets, overcoats and a loads of winter supplies; we invariably collect too many things in the season. But with rise in temperatures, it’s important that such belongings are stored safely so that they can be used again the nest season. Opting for a climate control unit not just provides extra space to store belongings but also protects them from damage caused due to temperature variations.
  • Furniture and Knick-Knacks: Renting storage facilities Houston is an effective way to store furniture and knick-knacks that you’ll want to keep aside for a while. The de-cluttering exercise will not only help you identify things that are no longer required but also allow you to organize your home in an effective way. Rotating items of house décor helps you revamp the look at no extra cost.

Self storage units in Houston are conveniently located and best equipped with the latest equipment and features. The extra spaces allow you to make the most of the items you own. So go ahead with the spring cleaning and store your belongings in the safest and best manner possible. Get in touch for customized and affordable self storage units in Houston.

Best Ways To Use Storage Facility Houston

Storage units can provide relief when you have belongings far more than what you can accommodate. Besides proving to be ideal space to store household belongings, a storage facility Houston can also serve a range of other clients. Listed below are ways in which a self storage Houston can be utilized:

  • Business Needs: Storage units Houston can meet business needs comfortably. Whether you need to store stock of seasonal nature or want to place the bulk purchased commodities safely until back in use, Storage units Houston provide the best facilities to store them. Comfortable and convenient spaces also prove helpful for business operators who run home based business. A self storage Houston provide affordable space to store business inventory. As the rental values soar it is difficult to afford and sustain a huge office space at a prime location. Mixing prominent business address at a commercial hub and storing business inventory at affordable storage unit Houston can make commercial sense.
  • Students: Want to preserve all the school and college memories? A mini self storage unit offers the perfect spaces to store belongings that you have accumulated overtime. Students can also benefit from storage spaces by stocking books and belongings while vacating hostels.
  • Vacation Goers and Travelers: Moving out on a vacation? Traveling for a month or two? Worried about your belongings and how to keep them safe? Rent a self storage space and keep your belongings safe until you are back.
  • Hobbies & Utility Items: Love to pursue your hobbies like lawn mowing, music and band, pottery, etc but don’t have space to store the equipment. Rent a self storage space and keep your belongings safe and well protected.

A self storage unit is the best and ideal way to store belongings till the time they are required again. We understand the constraints and requirements of every client and offer customized units to meet needs perfectly. The possibilities for what you can store in a self storage unit are abundant. Simply know your needs and get in touch with us. We will offer spaces at the most affordable rates.

Storage Units Houston – Effective Downsizing Tips

Storage units are about storing things safely until they are required again. Clothes, furniture, household appliances, business inventory, seasonal equipment like lawn mowers, snow mowers, barbeque, cycles, beach ware; everything and anything can go into self storage Houston.

But on the flip side, what’s out of sight is out of mind. Eventually we end up storing belongings up to the brim. There are chances that we rent out more space to keep additional belongings. And for sure, we need to pay additional charges for the added space. But by following these simple tips you can effectively downsize your storage units Houston. This will not only make you more organized but save you money too. Here are simple ways of doing so:

  • Regular Monitoring: Check what you are storing. Evaluate your stuff periodically and discard and donate things that are no longer required. Recycling is the best way to make optimum use of your belongings and self storage Houston. Swap them at regular intervals. This will give you a fair idea of things that should be stored or discarded.
  • Pack them Right: The best way to downsize space at moving storage Houston is to pack and store the belongings deftly. Items should be packed flat and vertically. Boxes that are securely packed can be stored one on top of another. This can help save space.
  • Place them Right: Right placing not only safeguards the items from damage and breakage but also helps save space. Keep bigger and heavier boxes at the bottom and lighter ones on top. Dismantle and store furniture so that it occupies minimum space.
  • Use Coding System: when packing and labeling boxes, use a proper coding system. This will help you track and locate item easily without disturbing other boxes. Thus, reducing the chances of damaging products during search operations.
  • Prepare a List: In the end, pen down what all you store or take out of the storage unit. This will give you a clear insight of your belongings.

Self storage units are the best way to store your extra belongings. But keeping yourself organized is equally important to save storage cost. We provide the best storage facilities in Houston and offer services and features that are simply unmatched. Our rates are affordable and flexible. Get in touch for customized deals.

Storage Unit Houston – Effective Furniture Storing Tips

Your living room is cramped for space? Need a few vacant spaces but don’t know the exact way to create them? Rearranging and keeping away your furniture pieces can be an effective way. But you don’t want to lose your valuable furniture pieces too? Here’s help! Storing furniture pieces in a storing unit Houston is the best way to keep your furniture pieces safe. In fact, by following simple furniture storage tips before you place your furniture in a moving storage Houston you can keep them as vibrant as new even after years. And when required again, you can move them back to use.

Effective Furniture Storage Tips:

  • Dismantling is the key: The best way to keep away furniture for a fairly long time is to dismantle it. Clearly distinguish between various parts and separate the unbreakable and hard parts from the fragile and soft. Now, given their properties wrap and store each part separately. Seek professional help to dismantle furniture pieces.
  • Pick the right packing supply: Packing is important to keep the furniture pieces safe from dust and dirt. Before you get down to packing, it’s important you collect your packing supplies. But beware; although plastic wraps appear to be the perfect packing material it is not the best for packing natural materials like wood and leather. Plastic does not allow air to pass through them. This leads to development of cracks and chips in the wooden pieces. Use paper wrap or cotton covers for natural materials and plastic wrap upholstery.
  • Pack deftly: Pack each item separately and carefully. Choose the covers wisely. They should neither be too big to allow dust and dirt to enter nor too small to hinder a smooth flow of air. Tape them and tie them neatly.
  • Careful handling: Once packed, each item has to be moved, loaded and unloaded carefully. Make sure that the packing can withstand the jerks and jolts. Besides packing, it’s important to use customized removal gear for effective loading and unloading. Use of ramps, rails, and trolleys ensure that each item is moved safely.

Storage facilities Houston provide the perfect services for storing your valuable furniture pieces. In addition to storing furniture, the facility can be used for storing other things too. Get in touch with us and we will assist you in organizing and storing your furniture pieces in the most effective way.

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