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Self Storage Unit for Kid’s Playroom Stuff

With kids around home owners are bound to feel the paucity of space. Toys, books, artwork, etc there is an endless list of things that these tiny creatures possess. While some things get redundant with time, others have a sentimental value. There may be still others that you’ll like to keep back for a future child. And without doubt a self storage unit is the best place to keep such items till the time they are required again.

Here are a few noted benefits of renting a self storage unit to store your kid’s playroom stuff:

  • As a family you can create extra space in your house simply by removing a few toys and books that your kid has outgrown.
  • Kids tend to get bored by same toys and stuff. By keeping them aside for a few months and rotating and swapping them every few months can add to the ‘newness’ without having you to buy new things every time.
  • Self storage units give you ample space and opportunity to preserve belongings that hold a nostalgic and sentimental value.
  • While stacking the things in the attic and garage is always an option, these might not be the ideal place to keep the belongings. Extreme weather conditions may damage the things, so it is prudent to keep them away in a self storage unit and use them at the opportune hour.
How to store toys in a self storage unit?

Once you decide to rent out a self storage facility Houston to store toys and kid’s stuff, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Categorize and organize your belongings.
  • Use transparent plastic boxes to keep the toys
  • Label the boxes clearly.
  • Keep the favorite items in the front and ensure that they are easily accessible.
  • Opt for climate controlled units for storing electronic items.
  • Remove batteries and cells as they may corrode and damage the toy permanently.

At Heights Mini Storage, we understand your requirements to the full. Our customized deals and affordable rates make our storage facilities in Houston the best and the most reliable ones. Call 832-582-6454 to know more about the facilities, features and services.

Key Factors to Consider Before Renting a Self-Storage Unit

Self storage units come in extremely handy when one needs to create some extra space to store household belongings. Although price and proximity are primarily considered when renting storage facilities in Houston, there’s more when it comes to choosing the right and the best self storage units.

Additional factors that should be kept in mind are:

  • Security: Safety of goods is of paramount importance when it comes to renting a self storage facility. Thus, security and safety features of the self-storage unit should be closely reviewed beforehand. Lighting, door alarms, locking devices, surveillance cameras, 24/7 security personnel and boundary wall fencing; every security feature is advantageous in its own way.
  • Hygiene and Cleanliness: Neat, well kept and fully organized units add to the safety and wellness of the belongings stored therein. Therefore, the self-storage unit should pay close attention to maintaining its hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Easy and Round the Clock Access: The self-storage unit must allow easy and round the clock access to self-storage units. After all convenience to load and unload belongings at the times most convenient to you is the most sought after feature of any self-storage facility. Moreover, there should be representatives to assist you during out-of-hour operations.
  • Climate Control Units: Some commodities are vulnerable to damage when exposed to extremely hot or cold temperatures. It is therefore prudent to store such items in a climate controlled self-storage facility. Also, the property should have the in-built feature to drain storm water away from storage units, cutting the odds of damaging stored commodities.
  • Insurance Liability: Self-storage unit should be equipped to provide comprehensive insurance cover for commodities at an additional price. This will provide an additional layer of protection and security to goods stored in the self-storage unit. In case of damage due to unforeseen events, the self-storage unit will compensate for the same.
  • Well mannered staff: Besides the equipments, techniques and in-house features, the employees and staff of the self-storage unit also need to be assessed closely. After all, it’s the only interactive feature of the self-storage unit. The staff should be polite, empathetic and considerate. They should also be trained and well conversant with their job.

Well equipped and optimally manned self-Storage Units Houston are important for the safety and protection of goods. Therefore the decision to rent a self-storage unit should be closely assessed and reviewed. At Heights Mini Storage, we provide the best self-storage facilities in Houston that too at affordable rates. Call 832-582-6454 to know more about the facilities and features.

Things That Need Climate Controlled Self-Storage

Keeping your belongings in a self-storage unit is a great way to organize existing space. The mini storage units in Houston also prove helpful when you need that extra space to store your stuff during renovation, relocation or simply to meet your business needs.

But whatever be the reason for needing some extra storage space, the main idea behind renting self-storage unit is to be able to use and utilize the stored stuff at the opportune hour. Imagine finding your stuff damaged and spoiled when you feel the need to use it!

To be honest some items need to be stored with precautions and preventions. This is where climate controlled self-storage units prove helpful. Here is a list of items that should ideally be stored in a self-storage unit that is climate controlled:

  • Metal Antiques : Things made from metal lose shape and shine when exposed to extreme weather variations. Thus, to keep metal appliances and artifacts in their original form opt for climate controlled self-storage units.
  • Furniture : Expensive furniture pieces are invariably delicate, therefore, difficult to store. Their material, upholstery, etc.; all are susceptible to damage due to temperature fluctuations. Thus, putting them in a climate controlled self-storage unit ensures that these pieces remain worthy for long.
  • Mattresses and Bedding : Mattresses and bedding are best stored in conditions that are free from humidity. Climate controlled units thus keep mold, mildew and other infestations at bay. This helps the mattresses and bedding to smell and feel fresh and clean despite long storage.
  • Photographs and Paper Documents : Temperature fluctuations are bound to damage paper. Photographs and paper documents lose color and fade, making them worthless. So it is recommended to keep such items in a self-storage unit that is equipped with climate control technology.
  • Leather, Suede, Wood : Wooden, leather, suede and other items made from natural fibers damage, crack and break upon exposure to extreme temperature variations. So, to keep such pieces intact for longer periods consider storing them in a climate controlled self-storage unit.

Although climate controlled self-storage units come at a marginally higher price, but they ensure the safety and wellness of the belongings stored therein. Heights Mini Storage is an established name in self storage Houston. Conveniently located and equipped with the best facilities, the units are available at affordable rates. Call us at 832-582-6454 to know more about our facilities and services.

Know Your Self- Storage Needs

Nearly everyone acquires belongings over the years. From books, antiques, off-season clothes, garden equipment to the vast business commodities and equipment; we generally have more belongings than what we can place and store. And once the living spaces get loaded and flooded with belongings we tend to shift them to the attic to make space for more.

But having said this, some things should never be stored in an attic. Therefore, renting out a reliable and well equipped storage space is the best way to keep them worthy for long.

  • Clothing and Dress Materials : Be it summer wear or cozy winter wear, the plant and animal based fibers should not be stored in the attic. Being dull and dreary these spots are ideal breading grounds for moths, insects and pests. Storing these delicate attires in the attic put them at high risk of being damaged by infestation. So, consider them storing them at a self-storage unit.
  • Antiques and Furniture Items : Furniture pieces, antiques and décor items made from natural materials are prone to damage when kept in the attic space. Humid and damp conditions damage wood and upholstery which is invariably beyond repair.
  • Food and Eatables : Eatables and food items should not be stored in attic and crawl. Pests and rodents which invariable dwell here nibble upon the stored food items and contaminate them. Therefore, food items and eatables should be properly packed and best stored in self-storage units.
  • Paperwork : Important documents like birth and marriage certificate, passport, academic records, medical report and family photographs need to be stored safely. Papers are prone to discoloration and damage when exposed to damp air and extreme heat. Therefore, one should not store paperwork and files in attic and crawl. Instead, avail the advantages of a small self storage unit in Houston.

Availing the spaces of a self-storage unit therefore bestows numerous advantages. They don’t just offer convenient and comfortable spaces to keep the utilities but also ensure that they remain safe, secure and intact. Self-storage units in Houston offer customized spaces and are equipped with facilities and technologies that impart maximum safety to belongings. Heights Mini Storage is a trusted and reputed self storage centre in Houston. Conveniently located and fully equipped, we offer the best solutions to meet storage needs. Call at 832-582-6454 to know more about our self storage units Houston.

Handy Tips and Tricks for Effective Self-Storage

Dumping things you don’t require or stacking them perfectly for the opportune hour, one can use self storage facilities either ways. In fact, with growing population, rising real estate cost and increasing living costs, nearly everyone (business and home owners) is feeling the space crunch. This is where self-storage units are proving to a boon. Extra space at a minimal cost – it explains it all!

But how exactly can one make the best out of the space hired? Here are a few management tips to effectively and efficiently use the storage space.

  • Choose The Best One: In addition to affordable pricing look for convenient location, services offered and security levels of the self storage unit. Missing out on any of the above will hold you back from enjoying the best.
  • Pack Well: Unused and stored commodities are bound to attract dust. It is important that each item stored in a self storage unit is packed well. Depending upon the type of item stored, use bubble wrap, paper wrap, vacuum sealing; whatever works best.
  • Label Well: Each box and carton should be cleared marked and labeled. The contents and handling instructions for each box should be clearly listed on the outer.
  • Organize Well: Proper arrangement and organization is crucial for effective utilization of the space. When unloading and loading space cartons properly, leaving adequate aisle space for walking and handling.
  • Check Humidity Levels: When exposed to extreme weather conditions many items are bound to get damaged. Renting climate-controlled units therefore is a prudent choice. Such units are designed to eliminate environmental moisture, thus, keeping belongings in a self-storage unit safe and well protected.

Implementation of these tips and tricks may appear tricky, but once in place they ensure the most effective and efficient use of self storage space. Heights Mini Storage is a trusted and reputed name in self-storage industry in Houston. Convenient location, best facilities and affordable rates, we offer the perfect self-storage facilities Houston. Call us at 832-582-6454 to know more about our facilities and services.

Self Storage Checklist

Why do people need a self-storage unit? Well, different people have different reasons. While business owners use the space to counter the upsizing and downsizing trends, homeowners use it to create some extra living space in their homes. There might still be others who use self-storage units when moving house or during travelling times. But whatever be the reason of availing the services of a self storage unit, there exists a clear cut self storage checklist one needs to match with before finalizing their deal.

  • Size: The first and paramount step is to check the size of the unit. It is so because the rentals of the self storage facilities are directly linked with the size availed. Bigger the size, higher will be the rental. So pick up the most appropriate size from the small, medium and large units available.
  • Climate Control Unit: Depending upon the stuff that one needs to store inside the need for a climate control unit emerges. In case the belongings can be damaged due to extreme variation in temperatures it is prudent to opt for a self storage unit equipped with a climate control unit.
  • Easy Loading and Unloading: Self storage units should be so located that they should be easily reachable. Also, they should be equipped with loading and unloading gear like ramps and trolleys to allow easy loading and unloading.
  • Security: The self storage facility should be completely safe and secure. They should be equipped with all the safety measures and systems to render foolproof security.
  • Operating Hours: While some self storage units have fixed working hours, others may offer flexible, round the clock access. Choose the facility that best meets your needs and requirements.
  • Negotiate costs: For understandable reasons the cost of a self storage unit will be high if availed only for a few days. But in case you wish to avail the services for a relatively long period of time, negotiate the deal with the service provider. Also, you can enjoy discounts in case you pay rentals in advance.

If chosen wisely, a self storage unit can prove to be a real blessing. It can be a boon in terms of cost and space. If you too are looking for ideal self storage facilities in Houston, get in touch with us at 832-582-6454. At Heights Mini Storage Houston, we offer the finest self storage facilities at the most competitive rates. Call us for customized deals!

How to Store Leather Belongings in Self Storage

That beautiful vintage leather handbag, the perfect leather cut jacket and those jaw-dropping leather high heels; you’ve spent a fortune amassing these priced possessions.

But in events of house moving or renovation, one may have to keep them away for a fairly long time until they are brought back into use. Here are a few tips to ensure that your leather stuff remains in good shape, throughout:

  • Clean It Thoroughly – Ensure that your leather item is thoroughly cleaned and is sans any kind of dust and dirt. After wipe cleaned with a damp cloth make sure there is no moisture content left therein.
  • Condition your Stuff– Leather is a natural fiber and requires regular conditioning and polishing to keep it intact. Rub or spray a thin layer of conditioner on the surface and polish it with a soft rag before storing it. This will prevent the leather from drying, shrinking and cracking overtime.
  • Stuff it Adequately – Leather belongings tend to lose shape if collapsed and stored. So, stuff them adequately with packing foam, and bubble wrap. However, one should not use old newspaper for this job. The ink on the newspapers lets out slowly, causing permanent damage to the leather belongings.
  • Opt for Climate Control Units – As leather expands and contracts in extreme weather conditions, climate control self storage units are a must have when storing leather goods for a long time.
  • Check regularly – While it’s ok to leave them unattended for six months, but not beyond that. But if you still need to stock them for long, visit the self storage facility and check your items on a regular basis.

Self storage units provide handy space to store and stock your vintage items. At Heights Mini Storage, we offer the finest storage facilities Houston to store your valuables. Well equipped and right sized to meet your requirements; our facilities offer all. Get in touch with us at 832-582-6454 to know more about our cost effective and customized rental deals.

How To Save On A Self-Storage Unit

Self storage units come in quite handy when your apartment or office premises are overflowing with extra stuff. Business equipment, seasonal supplies, furniture and home décor, numerous things are stacked and placed precariously, resulting in damage and loss of stuff.

Though self storage units provide the convenient option to store extra goods, they come at an extra cost.

Here are a few tips to which will allow you to enjoy the benefits of self storage facilities without feeling the pinch on the pocket.

  • Pick the Right Size – As the cost of the self storage unit is linked to its size, pick the smallest possible size as per need. Pack your items deftly so that they can be easily and safely stacked in the unit. But ensure you have ample aisle space to move about and load and unload safely.
  • Do not Pre-Plan – Many may pre-book a larger space thinking it will fill up down the line. But why pay for the extra space now when you don’t need it? Instead, when the need arises, shift to a bigger unit or rent another one.
  • Negotiate – In case you need to rent a self storage facility for a longer term, negotiate the deal with the service provider. Also, paying the rentals in advance can help you strike a good deal.
  • Compare prices – Compare the deals offered by each self storage unit. But beware! It’s not just about prices, compare the facilities offered, distance from your apartment or office, etc. As all good things come at a price, balance your requirements with the facilities offered. Try getting into a customized deal for maximum benefits.
  • Watch what you are storing – Don’t just store, watch what you are storing! Prefer donating items that you are least likely to use. No point shelling out cash to store things that are old, dilapidated and unwanted.

By being a little savvy and knowing where to cut corners, one can easily trim down on self storage cost. At Heights Mini Storage, we understand the value of your hard earned money. Therefore, we promise to offer the best self-storage facilities in Houston at the most affordable rates. Sufficiently equipped and strategically located, we help you keep your belongings safe. Call us at 832-582-6454 to find out more about our self storage facilities in Houston.

Why Do I Need A Storage Space?

It’s human to own things. Whether we are home owner, a business enterprise, a student or an avid traveler, we tend to accumulate more things than what we actually require. Home needs, seasonal changes, likings and hobbies …everything pushes us to buy and buy more.

Self storage units, thus, provide us the extra space to store our belongings. But in addition to the advantage of providing extra space, here a few more reasons why you can consider renting a self storage:

  • Security of Belongings – Self storage units are fully equipped with the latest security gadgets and techniques and ensure utmost safety and protection to goods. So, if you are away from your home most part of the day and are worried about the safety of belongings back home, consider renting a self storage unit to store your valuables.
  • Live your Passion – If you are in a habit of collecting antiques and mementos, but are seriously feeling a dearth of space, consider renting a self storage unit. No need to hold back your passion and craze anymore!
  • Planning a Renovation – Upcoming construction work? Do not damage and spoil your favorite paintings and furniture in the dust and dirt. Self storage units provide convenient spaces to store belongings. The neat, clean and well organized ambiance helps you store your belongings without risk of damage.
  • Explore and Expand – Being a business entrepreneur you need sufficient space to store your product catalogue and documents. Go ahead! Try different products and expand your horizons without worrying about the space.
  • All Set For The Mega Event – Daughter’s wedding, child’s birth or some other mega event at your home. With loads of guests expected, you’ll certainly need more space on hand. Consider renting a self storage unit to store your belongings until you need them again.

Whatever be your reason, Heights Mini Storage, has the best storage facilities to cater to distinct needs and demands. Well-equipped and adequately upgraded, we help you keep your belongings safe. Convenient location and appropriately priced, we are the most trusted operators in Houston. Call us at 832-582-6454 to find out more about unmatched services and facilities.

Packing and Organization Ideas for Self-Storage Units

One of the most important aspects of self-storage units is apt packing and organization ideas. Belongings that are deftly packed and meticulously stacked require much lesser space than those scattered and spread, cutting down costs drastically.

Here are a few tips and tricks for packing goods for self-storage units:

  • Plan ahead and collect plenty of strong and sturdy cartons, packing paper, plastic and bubble wraps, sealing tape and marker pens.
  • Use plastic boxes if you intend to stock your belongings for prolonged periods.
  • Cover furniture with suitable covers before wrapping them in protective bubble wrap. Pack cushions and pillows separately and seal them properly.
  • Label each box clearly. Mark the correct-side-up and ideally label on all sides for easy identification.
  • Use spaces inside dresser drawers and large appliances for storing small and fragile items. Fill empty spaces using towels and packing paper.
  • Use same size boxes to store stuff. This will make stacking of cartons one-top-of -another easier and less risky.
  • Do not over-pack or under-pack. While over-packing may lead to tearing of the cartons, under-packing will not confer maximum protection during jerks and jolts of transit.
  • Keep the box weight in manageable limits. Do not over stack.
  • Clean and dry appliances before storing.
  • While packing fragile items, wrap each dish and glass separately. Also, cushion the box with crumpled paper to avoid any kind of movement.
  • Pack shovels, hoes and rakes in trash cans.

Well-equipped and adequately upgraded, self-storage unit helps keep your belongings safe. Conveniently located and providing the best facilities like lighting, fencing and 24/7 on-site security; Heights Mini Storage is the most trusted self-storage unit provider in the region. Located aside Cordell and Louise in Houston, we enjoy the most strategic location. Call us at 832-582-6454 to find out more about unmatched services and facilities.

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