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Effective Tips for Storing Furniture in Self-Storage Units

Storing furniture in self-storage units? There may be quite a few reasons for you opting for this shift. Redundant pieces, scarcity of space or simply putting them aside while you get your interiors renovated and re-done. Whatever be the reason, it is prudent to store your possessions with care and caution.

Dumping furniture, without taking adequate safety measures will result in breakage, discoloration and wearing out of upholstery. And undoubtedly, it takes a fortune to get them back in shape.

But don’t worry! By taking simple and easy measures, you can safeguard your furniture items for times to come: A few tried and time tested tips are:

  • Consider different parts separately – A furniture piece can be a comprehensive assortment of different parts. While some will be unbreakable and hard, others may be fragile and breakable. The best way forward is to handle different parts separately. Fixing bubble wrap around the fragile items is the best way to safeguard them. Ensure that you provide a sturdy wrap for maximum protection.
  • Avoid Plastic Covers – Given its ability to repel liquid, seal out dirt and dust, plastic covers are generally the obvious choice for wrapping materials. But this may not be the case for wooden furniture. Plastic materials do not allow air to penetrate, leaving the wooden furniture pieces suffocated. Lack of air leads to condensation and causes damage to wood. Cotton covers are thus the best option for covering wooden furniture pieces.
  • Pick the Ideal Fit –Picking up covers that are too tight hinders the exchange of air. On the other hand, covers that are too loose give room for dust and dirt to penetrate. The furniture pieces should thus be covered with covers that are customized to fit them perfectly.
  • Move them cautiously – The most important tip however remains to move the furniture pieces with utmost caution. Taking the required care while loading and unloading will help avoid unwanted nicks, chips and scratches that can damage furniture permanently.

Self-storage units provide the much needed space to store your priced furniture pieces. We, at Heights Mini Storage, provide the best storage solutions. Strategically located aside Cordell and Louise, our facilities are the finest in Houston. Call us at 832-582-6454 to learn more about our self-storage units and unmatched services.

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