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How To Save On A Self-Storage Unit

Self storage units come in quite handy when your apartment or office premises are overflowing with extra stuff. Business equipment, seasonal supplies, furniture and home décor, numerous things are stacked and placed precariously, resulting in damage and loss of stuff.

Though self storage units provide the convenient option to store extra goods, they come at an extra cost.

Here are a few tips to which will allow you to enjoy the benefits of self storage facilities without feeling the pinch on the pocket.

  • Pick the Right Size – As the cost of the self storage unit is linked to its size, pick the smallest possible size as per need. Pack your items deftly so that they can be easily and safely stacked in the unit. But ensure you have ample aisle space to move about and load and unload safely.
  • Do not Pre-Plan – Many may pre-book a larger space thinking it will fill up down the line. But why pay for the extra space now when you don’t need it? Instead, when the need arises, shift to a bigger unit or rent another one.
  • Negotiate – In case you need to rent a self storage facility for a longer term, negotiate the deal with the service provider. Also, paying the rentals in advance can help you strike a good deal.
  • Compare prices – Compare the deals offered by each self storage unit. But beware! It’s not just about prices, compare the facilities offered, distance from your apartment or office, etc. As all good things come at a price, balance your requirements with the facilities offered. Try getting into a customized deal for maximum benefits.
  • Watch what you are storing – Don’t just store, watch what you are storing! Prefer donating items that you are least likely to use. No point shelling out cash to store things that are old, dilapidated and unwanted.

By being a little savvy and knowing where to cut corners, one can easily trim down on self storage cost. At Heights Mini Storage, we understand the value of your hard earned money. Therefore, we promise to offer the best self-storage facilities in Houston at the most affordable rates. Sufficiently equipped and strategically located, we help you keep your belongings safe. Call us at 832-582-6454 to find out more about our self storage facilities in Houston.

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