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Key Checklists and Tips for Secured and Stress-free Self-Storage Units Facilities in Houston

It could be a nerve-wracking experience for you to pack and move your valuables into moving storage facilities in Houston by yourself. In such a challenging situation, a strategically created storage checklist and tips can do wonders for you to make your packing and storage process as smooth and stress-free as possible.

At Heights mini-storage, we have past many years of experience in delivering best in class self-storage solutions and many other storage facilities to our customers in Houston. With this write-up, our leading storage experts are sharing key checklists and tips for letting you secured and stress-free storage units.

Create Inventory

This step is crucial to find out how much you need to store to rent the perfect moving storage solution. Create a checklist of all those items that need to be stored as well as the items that can be tossed away. Once you have created the checklist of things, start searching out a reliable and trusted storage company, offering the perfect storage facilities. Here, are some useful tips that you should keep in mind to find an ideal self-storage provider:

  • Make sure if they are offering the required storage space to store all your belongings.
  • Whether they offer 24×7 access at their storage facility or not?
  • Make sure that they are offering 24×7 security surveillance.
Check Security

Look out if they have needful fencing to secure the entire storage unit along with a controlled access. An ideal storage building should be equipped with needful security features such as 24×7 CCTV surveillance, fire or emergency alarm, and coded security entry etc.

Weather or climate control

A right storage environment is crucial for the safety of appliances and furniture items. A very high or very low storage temperature, dampness or rising groundwater, snow or rain can cause serious damage to your valuables. So, make sure your moving storage unit has a climate control feature.

Ask for a storage insurance

Ask your moving storage company in Houston if they are providing storage insurance to compensate the damages to your property during any unfortunate fire or theft on their storage units. So, go for considering one of the self-storage companies that offer you an extra security of storage insurance.

Clean and maintained Storage Space

You should never compromise with the cleanliness and well-organized of your rented storage unit just to save few bucks. A dirty and cheap self-storage facility can also invite infestations of bugs and rodents which may cause serious damage or loss of your valuables. In such case, you have to bear more loss of finances than saving money with a cheaper and dirty storage space. So, it is essential to verify you’re your provider service company about a reliable and permanent pest extermination contract in place for your rented storage unit, before placing your valuables in one of the rented storage facilities in Houston.

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