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Who doesn’t want protection for one’s prized possessions? Over the years, all of us, by sheer dent of our hard work, accumulate so much stuff. For many the amount of goods so accumulated exceeds the storage space at home. The average U.S. home is just not spacious enough to stock the favorite books, off-season clothing, kitchen appliances, toys, extra beddings, furniture et al.

Thankfully, extra storage space is a viable option. While in some cases, it is mere attachment to the stuff and therefore it is difficult to dispose off. The individual just does not want to throw a yard sale; hence extra storage space is required. In majority of the cases though, the need for extra storage space is genuine. The material to be stocked is likely to be required at some point of time in the future. At the end of the day, whether to stock old Halloween costumes or dispose of the bag of toys that the kid used a decade back is purely a personal choice.

All said, it is advisable to be prudent and use due diligence before deciding what to stock and what to dispose off. After all, there is no free lunch. The extra storage too comes at a price. Ballpark estimates reveal that one has to shell out anywhere between $40 and $50 per month for a 5-by-5-foot unit. Needless to say, the cost escalates as the size of the storage unit increases. For a 20-by-20-foot unit, the average rental is $225. The penchant for hoarding therefore must be assigned a reasonable logic.

Once one has separated the chaff from the wheat, it’s time to hunt for the ideal storage space. First things first, look for a storage space that offers a monthly rental. In Long term commitments, one may end up paying considerable more rent than warranted. With a monthly contract, one has the discretion to revisit the items stored and maybe move to another facility for reasons of lesser space required. Likewise, one may simply come across a facility that is more accessible and costs less. It is important to remember that storage rates fluctuate. The variation in prices occurs as occupancy rates ebb and flow.

To cut the long story short, simply deciding what to stock and where to stock can have a significant bearing on the cost associated with storage space.

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