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Organizing Spaces – The Right Way

Everybody has come to the point of simply owning too many things. The living room, the cupboards, garage and outdoor shed, every place is full till the brim. So, where exactly do you store your things? Fortunately, the trend of storing things in self storage facilities in Houston is fact catching trend. These storage units in Houston help you store a lot of different things; from excess furniture to furnishings of homes and cars. These storage units also prove helpful when downsizing to smaller homes. While a self-storage unit at a storing facility in vicinity comes in quite handy. But there are crucial points to understand what a mini storage unit is meant for and how to gain maximum benefits from it.

Convenient Layout for your Self Storage Unit:

  • Plan: Categorize your items and mark boxes accordingly. Use a labeling scheme for easy management.
  • Treasure Hunt Technique: Prepare a map to put boxes according to categories. Number the locations and stack accordingly.
  • Boxes: Moving is expensive. However, do not scrimp and save on good packing materials. Good quality supplies come at a value but they promise outclass protection to goods. Do not under fill or over fill boxes.
  • Stacking: Use even sized boxes as they are easier to stack. Put your boxes along the wall leaving a small space in between. Put bulkier items at the bottom.
  • Leave Pathways: Place boxes in rows with enough aisle space so that there is sufficient walking space.
  • Maximize: Utilize the height of the self storage units and store items one atop another. You can also hang belongings on the walls. Leave uniform pathways so that the rows can be easily negotiated.
  • Prioritize: Put the items that you will be accessing often in the front of the unit to get in and out quickly.
  • Check Facilities: Check if the units are climate controlled. This will protect goods from temperature variations and related damage.
  • Security: Most of the storage units have strict security regulations. Also, cameras, sirens and safety alarms are installed for utmost safety.

At Heights Mini Storage, we provide affordable storage spaces. Apart from offering a variety of sizes, facilities and services, we offer latest innovations at the most reasonable rates. Multilevel facilities, drive-up facility, 24/7 security and convenient location; we offer everything. Call us on 832-582-6454 to know more about our deals and services.

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