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Self Storage Unit for Kid’s Playroom Stuff

With kids around home owners are bound to feel the paucity of space. Toys, books, artwork, etc there is an endless list of things that these tiny creatures possess. While some things get redundant with time, others have a sentimental value. There may be still others that you’ll like to keep back for a future child. And without doubt a self storage unit is the best place to keep such items till the time they are required again.

Here are a few noted benefits of renting a self storage unit to store your kid’s playroom stuff:

  • As a family you can create extra space in your house simply by removing a few toys and books that your kid has outgrown.
  • Kids tend to get bored by same toys and stuff. By keeping them aside for a few months and rotating and swapping them every few months can add to the ‘newness’ without having you to buy new things every time.
  • Self storage units give you ample space and opportunity to preserve belongings that hold a nostalgic and sentimental value.
  • While stacking the things in the attic and garage is always an option, these might not be the ideal place to keep the belongings. Extreme weather conditions may damage the things, so it is prudent to keep them away in a self storage unit and use them at the opportune hour.
How to store toys in a self storage unit?

Once you decide to rent out a self storage facility Houston to store toys and kid’s stuff, here are a few tips to follow:

  • Categorize and organize your belongings.
  • Use transparent plastic boxes to keep the toys
  • Label the boxes clearly.
  • Keep the favorite items in the front and ensure that they are easily accessible.
  • Opt for climate controlled units for storing electronic items.
  • Remove batteries and cells as they may corrode and damage the toy permanently.

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