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Self-Storage Units – Guide To Choose the Ideal Size

When it comes to choosing a self-storage unit there’s no ‘one-size-fit-all’ policy. Right from a 7X6 wardrobe cabin to huge spaces of 10X30X10; there’s a lot on offer. The technique is to assess and know your requirements and pick the space that best fits your need.

Here’s a comprehensive list to help you choose the best space:

  • Small Sized Units – Ranging between a size of 7X6 and 10X10X10, these units offer perfect storage space for storing small sized items like tables, chairs, seasonal garden equipment, seasonal clothing, small kitchen appliances and office supplies like paper work, files and folders, etc. Sufficient space at affordable rates, these are ideal for students and vacation goers who can store their belongings over vacation and families who want to increase their living space without moving to bigger apartments.
  • Medium Sized Units – Slightly bigger than the small sized units, these units offer 6X15X10 to 10X15X10 square feet of storage space. These units offer ideal space area to clients who want additional space over and above the small sized units. In addition to list of items that can be stored in small units, a medium sized unit is feasible for stocking household furniture like beds, bed mattresses, couches, kitchen tables, dressers, large garden mowing equipment and electronic appliances like refrigerator, dryer, washing machines, etc.
  • Large Sized Units – Valuable assets for home and business owners alike, a large sized self-storage unit may measure about 10X20X10 and 10X30X10 square feet. Ideal for holding household utilities and bulky furniture, they provide adequate space for storing belongings of a two-three bedroom apartment. The large sized units also prove beneficial for owners of seasonal businesses to store and stock items until their demand soars again. Large sized storage units can also accommodate vehicles like small cars and bikes.

If you too are looking for perfect sized units to meet your storage needs, get in touch with us at 832-582-6454. Conveniently located aside Cordell and Louise in Houston, at Heights Mini Storage, we offer the finest storage facilities at the most competitive rates. Our trained professionals can also assist you in determining the right sized unit for your needs.

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