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Things that should be avoided to store in a Self Storage Unit facility in Houston

A self-storage unit facility can be used in many ways, like it can offer you a perfect storage place to keep all clutter and freeing up extra space in your house and business place especially during relocation, temporary or permanent storage of treasures to keep them safe and secure, and you can even use it to park your vehicle when you have shortage of a parking space. Although a perfect and high-tech moving storage unit in Houston works for most things, it could be entirely inappropriate for certain items. Such things need to be avoided, otherwise, it may be risky not only for your unit but also to all other units in the mini-storage facility.

Out of many restricted things, some are illustrated below:

Perishable Food Products
Perishable food item leads the list of avoidable things as they can rot and spoil quickly and even turn your storage unit into a health concern for the entire storage facility in Houston. Therefore, all eatables and food items including canned foods and pet foods should not be kept inside a storage unit.

Temporary or Permanent Residence
As living cost in Australia is skyrocketing, so, some people may find Storage units as the far cheaper alternatives for a temporary or long-term dwelling. Such self-storage units do not provide even basic amenities for living purpose like toilets, electricity, running water, refrigerators, washing machines etc. Although there is no harm to spend a short time in your storage unit, making such mini-storage units your primary place of residence can cause a serious risk to you especially during a fire hazard.

Keeping Hazardous Items or Explosives
Keeping hazardous items including biological waste, and explosives in a storage facility are very dangerous for the whole moving storage facility and life of individuals. So, when you are not sure about or have concerns over your items, don’t hesitate to check them with the authorities of a storage facility before moving inside.

Keeping animals or your pets
You should not think about temporary, or long term dwelling of your pet animals in a storage facility even when you no longer have sufficient space in your new house or your tenancy agreement terms has changed. You should understand this fact that any pet food or animal waste kept within the storage unit may attract several pests and bacteria posing a serious risk to the belongings stored by other tenants also. Moreover, keeping an animal intentionally within a storage unit would go against the contract agreement.

Hiding Illegal or prohibited objects
Self-storage units are not made for hiding any illegal goods or prohibited items like illicit drugs, stolen goods or unregistered firearms. It will not only breach your agreement but even put you behind the bars. So, you should be careful about all the consequences of storing illegal things in a mini-storage unit.

Hope, all above information and advice are sufficient to raise your knowledge about the things to be avoided at the Storage facility. If you still want to know more then feel free to reach us or visit one of our Storage facilities in Houston today!

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