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Tips to Organize Business Inventory in Storage Units

Organizing office inventory is an uphill task. Not only should it be up to the mark in every respect, it should also be well organized to find the required thing at the required hour. But having said this, a well-organized inventory is possible only when you have sufficient storing space on hand. Paucity of space invariably makes us dump things, resulting in inefficient and messy offices. But going in for huge office spaces attracts higher rents and associated costs. So, what’s the way out?

With changing trends, more and more business owners are now relying on self storage facilities. Self storage units not just provide sufficient spaces to store inventory and business supplies, but also help cut down costs drastically.

Renting self storage facilities help you streamline your business and available space. But before you go in for renting a storing unit to stock your inventory and supplies, it’s important to follow some important tips listed below so that you don’t face any problems later.

Prepare a List

We store things only to retrieve them later. In case we fail to find the things at the desired hour, the purpose of storage is defeated. So the first step towards storing is creating a list of what you want to stock. Move around your office and pen down the list of things that can be stored safely.

Once you have the list ready, categorize things. Figure out the space required. Depending upon your requirements, you can choose the right size storage unit.

Stock Your Stuff Properly

Do not rush through your packing. Pack and stock stuff efficiently to avoid damage later. Put the things of regular use in front and stock the ‘not-so-important’ items in the back. Improvise the storage unit with cupboards, shelves or boxes, as per need.

Paste a list

Paste the list of stocked items at the entry point. This will help you locate the items easily, every time. Make sure you record every addition and deletion of inventory in the list. Regular update of the master inventory list makes it easier to retrieve items and also helps you keep an eye on your inventory and supplies.

The reasons to rent a storage space may vary. But it’s important to make the best use of the rented space. We, at Heights Mini Storage, provide the most favorable solutions for all your storing and stacking needs. Located aside Cordell and Louise, we provide the finest storing facilities in Houston. Call us at 832-582-6454 to find out more about our self-storage units and unmatched services.

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