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Tips to prepare and pack your Items before storing in a self-storage facility

While moving your excess items into a storage facility in Houston, there are a variety of things that you need to be taken care of. If you are seriously concerned about safe, secure, and cost-effective storage of your domestic or commercial belongings in Houston, then immediately contact at ‘Heights Mini Storage’.

‘Heights Mini Storage’ is a leading self-storage services provider based at the Cordell St Houston. It is nationwide popular for offering specialized mini-storage services at highly competitive rates.

In this write-up, we are sharing with you some useful tips that will help you prepare and better organize your belongings into the storage units and also let you find any important items, quickly and easily, whenever you need them. Let’s look into each of them step by step:

Create a detailed inventory
It is important for you, create a detailed inventory of your belongings that you want to store into moving storage. This will help you better organize your belongings and find whenever you may need quickly and easily. Moreover, to have an inventory list also serve as documented proof to claim any loss or damage of your item from an insurance company during an accident at the storage facility.

Rent a clean and good self-storage facility
Do some research to find a clean and cost-efficient moving storage unit facility in Houston which also provides insurance overage to protect your belongings theft, fire, and other types of damage while they are kept in a storage room or warehouse for a desired period of time.

Arrange quality packing material
Before you pack and transport all your belongings to a suitable storage facility, It is important for you perfectly pack them using suitable packing boxes and supplies for safe transfer and storage of all your belongings. Some of the essential packing material are listed below:

  • Packing Boxes and clear bins
  • Filler material
  • Packing quilts and Newspaper
  • Marker
  • Shipping tape

You can arrange all the above packing material either from a local moving store or a professional moving company.

Prepare and Pack items for a storage facility

  • Pack same type and category of items together in clean and sturdy cardboard boxes or suitable plastic containers with the use of cushioning materials, furniture blankets, and professional wrapping etc.
  • While packing, always place and pile up lighter items on the on the top of heavy items.
  • Don’t keep the boxes half-empty to avoid them get collapsed when stacked.
  • Don’t over pack the boxes or containers to make them break due to overweight.
  • Make use of bubble wrap, foam sheets, packing peanuts, packing paper, towels, blankets or old clothing to provide sufficient cushioning between the items
  • All boxes should be properly covered to protect them from moisture, dust, and outside damage.
  • Provide added protection with proper sealing of the boxes.
  • Clearly and precisely label all the boxes to know exactly what they contain. Always label the boxes on their sides.
  • Never store valuable items, documents, jewelry, as well as hazardous substances like fuel, paint, firearms, explosives, drugs or any other perishable items in a self-storage facility.

Keeping all the above tips in mind will definitely help you keep your valuables in a self-storage facility, safely in a perfect shape, away from your home. If you want to know more or looking for an ideal mini-storage unit facility in Houston then don’t hesitate to reach us. You can also share your valuable advice in the comments section below

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