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Tips to Store Necessary Items in a Self-Storage Unit

Well equipped and properly planned self storage units provide convenient space to store belongings. Whether you need space to store belongings that you do not require currently, or need to stack them while you are out; self-storage units prove handy in every situation.

But before you head out storing and stacking your belongings at the self-storage unit here are a few tips which will make you reap the maximum benefits:

  • Strike a deal with the most reliable and well equipped self-storage unit.
  • Depending upon the time frame for which you need to avail the services, negotiate the costs carefully.
  • Use quality boxes that do not collapse when stacked together and atop each other.
  • Number and label the boxes for easy identification.
  • Use pallets or other wooden platforms to raise the stacked belongings from the concrete floor.
  • Leave sufficient spaces between the boxes and wall to ensure proper air flow and ventilation.
  • Place heavy and bigger boxes at the bottom, topping them with lighter and smaller boxes.
  • Place expensive and fragile items away from easy reach.
  • Leave adequate aisle for easy access of items.
  • Thoroughly clean kitchen ware and electronics before storing. Ensure that stored items are completely dry.
  • Do not store perishables, liquids, explosives and flammable fuels in self-storage units. In case you urgently want to store them, inform the services providers about the materials stored.
  • Lubricate metal and machinery parts to cut rust attack during storage.

Secure and well equipped self-storage units go a long way in helping you keep your belongings safe. We, at Heights Mini Storage, are conveniently located aside Cordell and Louise in Houston. Our facilities are outfitted with the best facilities like lighting, fencing and 24/7 on-site security provisions. Call us today at 832-582-6454 to find out more about our distinguished services.

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